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Hyundai fuel-economy & hybrids

Hyundai fuel-economy goals and hybrids Hyundai set a goal in 2008 of increasing its fleet's CAFE rating to 35 miles per gallon by 2015 and said last year it aims to reach 50 miles per gallon across...

2011 Hyundai Equus Test Drive: Can Impressive Luxury Sedan Topple Competition?

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Recently Hyundai announced that in 2010 it will begin to sell the high-end Equus luxury sedan stateside. This announcement follows what has already been a busy two-year period a...

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Fuel consumption

There is a new tab "fuel consumption" on the "Vehicle Detail" page. In addition of the service history evidence, you can now keep the records of refueling, too. The average fuel consumption of your vehicle will be calculated and displaying on your vehicle detail page.

Consumption (whole club): 7.28 l/100 km

We drove together with 15 vehicles in total 25 789 km km and our tanks flowed 1 877 liters of fuel.

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Towing capacity

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Diesel particle filter clogged

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Am Fm Radio Antenna

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Transmission Shift Problem

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Crankshaft pulley/Harmonic balancer

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radio for new 2010 Accent 3 dr.

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DIY : remove panel trim Accent

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a guide to ebay chips and tuning crap!

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a guide to tuning the 2.0 I4 for power

Stage 4 1- Port & Polished Intake Manifold Think of the air going through

thedupleman   2010-02-28 (02/2010)

Microcat Autoparts Catalogs

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Hyundaimeeting 2009

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2. JapTec Tuning Treffen 8. & 9.August

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30.05. H1 / Starex H200
29.05. Accent III MC
28.05. i40
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