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Diesel particle filter clogged

Forum Sonata IV EF Diesel particle filter clogged

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2012-10-27 18:35:18

Hi, My 2009 2.0 crdi diesel Sonata has 170.000 km on the clock. Recently it started having alamrs because the oil level was going up The garage cleaned some pipes and the exhaust, so now the oil level is not going up anymore, but the alarm keeps coming on witht he error code "not able to regenerate". According to the garage the diesel particle filter is clogged and needs cleaning, but if this this fails a new one will cost me 3500 euro

the 170.000 were driven mainly on the highway at constant speed and at 2200 - 2400 rpm, I am an eco driver.

Anyone any suggestions/experience/advice?

This cost is not what I was waiting for.