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Fast & Furious 4 Trailer 1

MORE FAST & FURIOUS 4 @ INSIDELINE.COM: Trailer Courtesy of Universal Almost six months before filming was set to begin on Fast and Furious, the movie's picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy was already running out of space to hold all the cars, trucks, semis and trailers being built for the production. This was way back in October 2007 and it was McCarthy's job to bring together every vehicle that would be seen on-screen in the fourth in The Fast and the Furious series. Sound easy? It wasn't; there were going to be more than 200 of them. "Reading the script, it was obvious this was going to be bigger than Tokyo Drift," said McCarthy, who had the same job on that third Fast/Furious film. "And a lot more of them were going to be 'specialty cars' that we'd have to build ourselves." So despite having more than 60000 square feet of shop space to work in, Dennis McCarthy was already running out of room.

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